Comics and Communication Design

An exploration through graphics languages

Research, case studies, and graphic experiments: the comics language examined in its multiple aspects with the aim to show the potential of this medium. The project is composed of two artifacts: a written book, and a comic-book.

More about the project

The history of modern comics begins in the XIX century; back then they were closely associated with entertainment. However, it didn’t take creators long to realize that the form could be used to accommodate other goals and today comics are interesting communication tools.

1. The written book
After a semiotic analysis of the comics language, the project explores a large variety of case studies that outline the flexibility of the medium. The gathered examples reflect some of the main areas of contemporary communication design: advertising, journalism, education, information visualization.

2. The comic-book
The artifact describes a portion of the Italian 2018 post-election period. These months were characterized by public misinformation and tension between political leaders and mainstream news media - in one word, post-truth. Through a mix of diagrams, pieces of visual journalism and balloons, the project shows the many capabilities of comics, a medium able to depict the many aspects of today complex society and communication.